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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Impromptu Off-Season

On monday night I was pretty tired. One of those nights where you're sitting in bed about to sleep, but just as you're about to slip into dreamland, you remember you had something to do. Merde. The sleep sensation can never be the same if I got up. I had to shower still. I decided not to. Procrastinated it away 'till after the next morning's recovery ride.

It's now wednesday night. I still haven't showered.  I can't yet.  My hair is at this terminal level of oiliness so I don't really mind it anymore. I have a couple stitches, a massive bruise on my left shoulder, several contusions, a never-ending headache, and..........that bike. What the hell happened? To be honest, I still don't know exactly, but am slowly putting the pieces together...

Tuesday and Thursday is the Barry ride. 8:30 start in and around la crescenta, and it starts right in Griffith Park. It gets me up in the morning, and is usually a gateway to other rides like the Pomona loop I do or an interval session up Big T or as happened this tuesday, a mellow social ride up the crest to talk about sunday's race. The four of us didn't turn right on Chevy Chase to continue with the Barry group.  Instead we went straight to head up the crest. Like we've done millions of tuesdays before. We reached the intersection of Foothill and Verdugo, where we turned right, again, just as we'd done countless times prior. My memory stops there.

I vaguely remember regaining consciousness because of the sudden pull of the stretcher as I was put up into the ambulance. "Yo, Keith? We didn't even run a red light, man. How'd this happen??" I allegedly repeated 3 or 4 variants of that statement...maybe with a couple expletives (which generally isn't my style at all). Then the memory got hazy again. What was a 15 minute ride in the ambulance only registered as 30 seconds. I remember asking the medics lots of questions. "Is this a good sign?" "How long had I been out?" "Have you seen anyone with my ailments before?" This is what I think I asked, anyway. It was probably indecipherable, because I mumble even when i'm healthy and sober.

We got to the hospital. Lots of waiting. It's really funny trying to recreate it now. I thought I was all there, but it's all pretty hazy to me still. I had lots of x-rays. An IV was put in at some point. "When was the last time you had a tetanus shot?" "huh?" Boom...tetanus shot is in. Pains, but not really. It was just my head that ached then. The hospital seemed busy. Everything had a long wait, and there were babies and adults crying and moaning. I reached in and saw that I had my iphone still! Woo. Snapped up some phots...

My upper body was pretty well (and i think unnecessarily) restrained the whole time prior to X-Rays. So leaned over and snapped a couple. That head brace came off immediately after the X-Rays. That second current pride and joy. You could stick a dime in there, piggy-bank style, and not see it again. They gave me these "custom" super-wide stiches over there because of the risk of infection if they closed it. I really don't know what pierced me there...a sprocket? Pedal? Hmm.

So with that, the formalities of the hospital scene played out. A Sherrif from the scene came to get my statement. "Yeah man, the guy that hit you? He was born in 1920. He has insurance. AAA." "89 years old?!" "88". Geezus! I chatted him a bit.  I told him that I had no idea what happened.  The last thing I remembered was turning right onto Foothill Blvd.  He gave me a card which I lost (where am I supposed to put it, really?) My mom came in, tear explosion. Told her I was fine, and I was. I don't know if they gave me pain killers or if it was adrenaline, but I had no issues then. Just wanted to get out. After 6 hours in that place, I signed a bunch of stuff and got out.

The pieces so far: an 88 year old guy in a brand new Lexus SUV just barely buzzed the 3 guys who were riding 10-15 meters behind me. At this point it just seemed like a guy trying to intimidate cyclists and flex some idiot muscle, you know the type, dime a dozen in LA. Also at this point, I was slowing down to stop at a red left turn light to begin climbing the crest. The guy didn't screetch the tires, didn't swerve, didn't even brake. Just smashed his front-right quarter into me, I flew to the right, landed on (and shattered) my helmet, and the guy, still oblivious, ran over the bike (square over my srm, too), and finally stopped. He was understandably flustered by everything and couldn't be questioned properly as I understand it. Gah. I think that's about all i've got for now. In a mountain of legal and medical headache now, and got some doctors to see tomorrow.

No broken bones!

I can walk!

I live!

Wear your helmets please!

(sunday's race report when my wrist heals a bit more)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

should have taken the meds.

8:18 AM

Blogger Fisher said...

holy crap man. glad to see everything is relatively ok. good luck with the recovery.

2:34 PM

Blogger seesquared said...

SONOFA… Dude, sorry to hear this, and I'll definitely keep my eyes open riding up in La Cañada. Just when you think you're safe. Hope that everything works out as smoothly as it can.

2:59 PM

Blogger Marco Fanelli said...

I'm relieved you emerged as well as you did. Shudder to think of the possibilities. Heal up ...lots of time for bikin' in the future.

5:44 PM


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