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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aleppo, Syria

The latest addiction. What you see pictured above is one [of six] brands of Roquefort, a french blue cheese [of which there are 100+ different types]. I won't forget the first time I tried it. It was similar to the first time one goes cliff diving or bungee jumping. "Hey, it'll be terrible, but i'll live...maybe." Opening the package (of this particular brand) is like opening a present. There's a little bow to undo, then you slide out the built-in green tray, and are instantly dazed with its pungentness as the cheese is exposed to the air for the first time. It's slimy, moist, looks old (it is), and you can't help but be intrigued. So the first time I tried it was with a spoon, just a dab. So much happened that day. I honestly can't remember how my tongue reacted, but the seeds of cheese-lust were planted.

Today, I take great pride in being able to palette this stuff. I have an elitist sense of superiority over lowly brie-eaters. Brie tastes like soft flavorless fat supplement to me. But in time, i'll dip into that world. For now, it's roquefort, preferably melted, over baked eggplant w/ garlic, on top of pizza, or by the spoon. I try to limit myself to 100 grams per week. I know it's fattening, but the mental-stability would take a hit if I were forced to cut it.

Do they have this in the US? Check on it, and if they have the brand pictured above, even better! Get some!


Anonymous Cynthia said...

YUM!! That cheese looks fabulous! I once had my brother bring me cheese from France (ooh, the trouble you run into when you ask me, "What do you want me to bring you?"), and he said his clothes never really smelled the same and his return flight loved him for the "fragrant" trip across the Atlantic.

As for the Tanlines are Sexy, I just haven't updated that lately. I'm all tanline-errific now. Bring 'em on! "No, these aren't stockings I'm wearing," is a common phrase I use around the pool. :)

4:07 PM

Blogger Hereford Flyer said...

The secret to Brie is it's gotta be ripe otherwise as you say it's pretty bland. A ripe Brie should be almost "runny" and served at room temp - taset will be pretty good spread on some fresh bread. Here ends top cheese tip No.1.
Oh another top cheese tip is Coeur de Lion Camembert from Normandy most french supermarkets carry it in the little round wooden boxes.

11:45 PM

Blogger Nick HH said...

Ahhh, euro dairy products - they do em right!!! Roquefort is amazing, not as much so over here, but its around.

Looks awesome over there. too bad about the race, wish I could be there too.


PS good job with the socks, but I spotted you int "the Breakaway chronicles", gasp, sockles. so not fully cured. haha

3:44 AM

Blogger Nicholas said...

Aram - you need to try Papillon brand Roquefort...even creamier. Try it with a little honey drizzled over it and some really good grapes. And a glass of Sauternes. Glad to hear about you adventures - another Barry Wolfe rider makes good!

2:18 AM

Blogger Aram Dellalian said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Brie: In time. I'm not ready yet. Too immersed in the Bleu world at the moment.

Nick #2: Funny you mention Papillion. It's the next one on my list. It's also, by far, the most expensive bleu out here...20-something euro per kilo, but yeah. Grapes...honey...i already have a nice image in my head....

Barry Wolfe: MVP, always.

12:10 PM


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