je ne sais quoi

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hemingway Said Something-

-About Paris.

I forget what it is, but he basically said that anyone given a chance to live in this city might never be the same. something shifts. clicks. changes. I don't know that anything quite so dramatic happened to me, as i've only "lived" here for 3 weeks, out of a suitcase, but i've had [frequent] moments in this town where i've wished I could find some purpose (excuse) and relocate here permanently. The city breathes and works and responds. Not unlike LA, actually. I shot the place down in my last blog entry, citing the "dull and pointless and well-obsolete architecture." My thoughts on the buildings remain unchanged, but the city itself phased me, and I'm left with an admiration that rivals my love for Los Angeles.

Two more days left. I'm dredging having to leave. There's still so much more to uncover here. So much more to experience. I've still got time. Here's to hoping I can keep it together when it's time to's gonna be rough...

no doubt.