je ne sais quoi

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finalement...Un Petit Quelque Chose Pour Mes Ami Francais

Salut a tous,

Long temps, non? Ahh...mais c'est pas grave. Je ne pas oublie tout le gents du ma famile Ardechois (et Parisien aussi? je ne sais pas). Premierment, je voudrais dit desole. Pour quoi? Par ce que mon Francais est trop tropppp super maintenant, et je pense que c'est trop avance pour les gents Ardechois.

Ahhh...Je plaisante, bien sur! La vie est normal ici maintenant. Pas beacoups de excite, mais pas mal aussi. C'est le temp pour entrenmar. En angalis est "Base Training". Maintenant, c'est pas trop dificile, mais apres de 2 ou 3 semaines, je vais beacoups de kilometres et beaucoups de temps sur le velo. Et pour quoi? C'est la vie de un cylist boheme, non? hehe. Je recherche pour une equippe Americain, mais c'est trop dificile ici maintenant. Le problem commence avec les grand c*nards chaudiers, le mal economie des Etats Uni, et plus le fin resultat? Pas beaucoups occasion pour courers professionale Americain. Je ne sais pas. J'espere que je retourne a France un jour pour une encore saison du velo. Dede? C'est d'accord?? envoye une message pour lui a plus tard.

D'accord. C'est trop long, non? Long et avec trop de mots pas correct, je pense. Je suis desole! Je ne pas pratique mon Francais beaucoups! Et un petit faveur pour moi: Sil vous plea, dit une petit bonjour a tous dans moi: Dede, La Yvette, Le Grand Chaudier Bruno + Delphine, Etienne, Professor Juju + Loic, Le Famile Bressot (volgar aussi), SEBastien, le pain de Boulangerie Marie, Jacques (2), Herve (2), toutes le fille du les marches LeClerc et Champion, Jean-Pierre, George, FRANCIS (et les sangliers...haha), ahhh...beaucoups noms! c'est tout pour suis sur que j'ai plus...

Bonne Courage Ardeche! Vous habite sur le Meilleur Pays du France! Vous me manques beacoups...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's About Time...

...I got back on a bike. I'll be getting on this one:

It looks great, no? I am stoked. I hope it rides well. I'll find out tomorrow morning. The wheels on it are not mine (neither is the XXL 13-29 cassette)...if anyone local has a set of shimano/sram compatible trainer wheels to sell, let me know!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

How Was France?

"France was good. Yeah. It's a swell place."

That's about what the response to the above question has evolved into. Tonight I might see a few more people I haven't seen since I returned, and there's a definite possibility that the brevity and substancelessness (new word) of the response will reach new heights. I wish I'd recorded my response to that question the first dozen or so times it was asked. I'm certain it was something very well orchestrated, genuine, sincere, and heartfelt. The responses have since eroded into what we have above. I just can't do it. Even if it's a good friend, I shrug. Or I might be honest and tell them what this paragraph tells you. Someone suggested referring people who ask the question to the blog. Sure. But that's quite a bit of reading, particularly if the person isn't an adept cycling-snob who can read through [numerous] unnecessary words, parentheses and other related jargon.

Lookit me! Complaining about people's interest in my story. Hmm. I don't know how to respond to that, but i'm not a fan of talking about myself too often, for too long (the verbal kind of talking....the writing bit I don't mind at all, obviously). It doesn't sit well with my subconscious, but this time the conflict lies in my current inability to give a "proper" response to such a broad question. Blog readers are know how the France adventure was, really, it's all here, and I really enjoy talking about the specific aspects: cheese, the team, more detail regarding a certain blog entry, the quirks, EU produce, even south africa....but "How was France?".......i'll think of ways of entertaining both myself and the inevitable asker(s) of the question tonight.

I haven't written in a month. Forgive me. I've been living a very "normal" life lately: Working, eating lots, riding little, sleeping late. I haven't found anything worth writing about, and I've been lazy. Part of the offseason for me, in new-school bike game terms, is taking a break from the electronic aspect of it all as well, and not blogging is a part of that. I'm currently on a two-week hiatus from the mainstream cyclingnews websites as well (per Mr. HH). Base training will start a bit later this year, in anticipation of the European season. Flying in February didn't help me too much last year, and I need to push it forward a bit. Also, I've started dieting a bit, but nothing severe. I'm not weighing foods, or limiting myself too much, but little things....2:30am Halloween night, a bunch of us inevitably ended up in a diner somewhere.....among the chili-cheese-fries, ice creams, and fried-fried mystery foods was an order of plain oatmeal with raisins. My order of plain oatmeal with raisins. Got some funny looks, but gave myself a figurative pat on the back. I haven't weighed myself in ages...and don't plan to. But soon. The dieting should get more severe as base nears. And, of course, i'm off the bike. Taking a two week zero-bike break. It'll be one week on sunday. It's going well, although it's real difficult to lose weight when there is zero training volume...but not gaining any is a plus as well, and not too difficult.

That's all I got. Blog entries should flow nicely from now 'till whenever. I have 50000 Paris photos, and definitely have to blog (what's left in my mind) about the Velib scene. Gahh, I miss it so much when it's put to words like that. Also, my french is surprisingly still there, and hungry. If anyone out there speaks french, s'il tu plea!!!....let's ride and speak french and zone out to the EU sometime. Lastly, like every other cyclist in the country, I'm looking for a team. I hope everyone's off-season's going well. Have a swell weekend. Looking forward to reconnecting with the cycling community in person in a few weeks.

Back on the bike on the 13th. Cmmmmmmmmon weather! stay good!