je ne sais quoi

Friday, December 21, 2007

I MUST Be Doped Up

'Cause no one can recover as fast as i have after these XL base rides. Really. Sometimes the algorithm is exactly right. Caloric balance is good. Calories are quality. Rest is adequate. It's a swell feeling...but it's so hard to replicate. At least for me. I really only know if i'm properly recovered after those first 5-6 pedal's a great feeling when they go smoothly, and total shite if you know you didn't recharge proper -there is no middle ground here. And that's what this whole "Base Training" game is all about. Studying the body, noting what it likes, what makes it go. Still, I've two ridiculous weeks coming up and doubt i'll be as spry when i'm midway through a 30 hour bloc. One day at a time, chico.

So yes: In spite of the ongoing Writers' Strike, the hardworking crew here at The Aram Chronic has managed to resume production. The quality might suffer a bit with the replacements, but our esteemed editor will work out the kinks...but it's late now, and he must sleep. Please enjoy these vintage pre-strike photos in the meantime:

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Who Ordered Real Weather?

I've been back for two months now, and it's rained once. And [I think] under 60 once. So in comes this wild week. These things happen...

...and so do these. In other news: I've grown a 'stache in honor of the Oilers' current win streak of which I attended 2 of the games (mustache-equipped, of course). I'm not shaving it off, just gonna wait for the beard to make it look less molester-like. Anyhow, it's always a special time when the Oil are in town, and this blog has really lacked in terms of Oilers content in the past year. It's time to bring it back. Went to sunday's game in Anaheim for a 4-0 drubbing of the lowly ducks, and then to Staples via Metro to see them beat the kings in a shootout. Great game (though the outcome was never in doubt). Everyone should experience pro-sports from the "road team perspective" one day. It's amazing. Especially when your guys win.

Base training? It's going. Bonked for the first time (as expected) yesterday while going up to Mt. Wilson (6000' elevation...and it was 70 degrees up there). Put some extra calories in there, did it again today, and the legs were good. I know how these legs go...and they're going better every day. Rest week coming next week! I'll cherish it. Adios!