je ne sais quoi

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Before it flows out of my mind...

A crit report:

Torrance Sunday

Any of you ever race this course? As nascar as it gets. .5 mile course with 4 big-wide no-brakes corners. Average speed was 44k/h. In addition to the classic dizziness-inducing course, the composition of the field was pretty good as well. No huge teams, just a ton of mostly amateurs going for it. I had Alejandro racing alongside. Not a huge field, perhaps 60? I made the mistake of casually starting in the back. It took a while to see the front...course like that the only place to move is in the corners, and you don't move much. Anyhow, finally saw the front after 10 minutes (or 10 laps), and went with a move. Nope. Went nowhere. I think the largest break of the day had 10 meters on the field. It was that kind of race. I read it as such, and just kinda hung out in the field. 5 laps to go...which is really only 3 or so minutes. I had great position...perhaps 10 back? Pace was deceptively slow, and the inevitable swarm came and did away with that good position in .2 seconds. 4 to go. La Grange skids off in turn 3. 3 to go. More booms and broken bike parts. 2 to go was the worst...crash near the front in turn 4, but I gave it a ton of gas here with the idea that the race would be in fragments behind. Had a great line with half a lap to go, but the guy right in front of me, with an even better line than me completely sat up! Annoying. Scrambled for a wheel, nothing came, and I was pipped for the last $ spot by super-master Mark Noble. Unlucky. 11th.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oxford Comma

Comment va, blog?

Long time since we were last acquainted. Pleased to see you. Why has it been a while, hmm...I used to get on people for not updating as often as I thought they should. Now I realize that sometimes, there's just nothing particularly interesting to write about. It may be interesting to read, but it's agonizing to write about having poor form, or having to work lots, or something dumb like that.

Allright, i'm done with that paragraph. Something interesting: Today. It's so jam packed with stuff to do, that i'm also putting in a couple paragraphs here. 420 bro! brobro. Got a crit in torrence at 1:30. Will regrettably be missing most of the laker game (but it's Denver. Pushovers). Then at 4 there's a sound check for a show at 7 at which I'll be playing bass at. It's an Armenian Genocide event, and I'm up with Element. I played with them sometime in the late it isn't completely foreign or random. Looking forward to this one, and hopefully I don't mangle myself at the 1:30 show. The torrance show. I've never done this race. All the core guys are out in the bay area racing sea otter. It should go well. Will write a little something about the race...'Till then, some in/around LA iphone photos taken in recent weeks:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Funny Story

Tuesday morning, I'm up to ride. Have a coffee, some oatmeal. Same algorithm as always. Throw a leg over the bike (which is the red one again since the srm is back in Colorado) and let out a little belch......that same instant, my back shattered itself. As if all skeletal connectivity was somehow linked to that tiny trapped pocket of air. So I collapsed, and couldn't get up for a few minutes. Equal parts funny and scary, really. I'm pretty sure the heavy lifting at work the previous day contributed...but a day (and a full sleep) later? Odd. Off the bike at the moment, but am registered for the Ojai Pro Smashfest.